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The Global Goals

Working Group in Iceland

An inter-ministerial working group for the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development has released a report on Iceland’s progress towards the goals nationally and internationally. The report maps out the government's main tasks, plans and challenges for each of the goals and, based on this work, the working group also sets out targets in priority to guide the government in implementing the goals in the coming years.

Directing and overseeing the follow-up on the Global Goals in Iceland is the responsibility of the working group of the Global Goals. Project management is led by the Prime Minister’s Office in close co-operation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The government has agreed to appoint a new working group with representatives from all Ministries, as well as Statistics Iceland and the Association of Local Authorities. It is also proposed to have observers from the Youth Council for the Global Goals and the Icelandic UN Association to actively participate in the Project Management’s work where appropriate.

The principal task of the working group is to analyse Iceland’s position with respect to the targets of the Global Goals and to draft the above-mentioned progress report to the cabinet with recommendations for prioritizing targets and future procedures for implementing the goals. It also supervises the promoting of the goals in Iceland, in co-operation with the information officer, and the presenting of Iceland’s implementation of the goals at the United Nations.

A specialist in the Prime Minister's Office, Fanney Karlsdóttir, is chairman of the working group. For more information please contact her at fanney.karlsdottir@for.is.

Youth Council

The youth council meets the government

One of the main emphases of the Global Goals is co-operation between different stakeholders, including youth, in implementing the goals. In view of this, and also considering that Articles 12 and 13 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child clearly state the right of children to express their opinions and to influence issues of concern to them, a decision was taken to involve Icelandic youth through the Youth Council for the Global Goals. This reflects the platform of the governing coalition, which emphasises implementing the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, including those on increasing the influence of children in society.

The main aim of the Youth Council is to draw attention to the Global Goals and sustainable development, both among young people and within the community as a whole. The Youth Council is intended to be a living forum where the Global Goals and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are the overarching theme and are discussed critically and with a focus on resolution. In this way, young people are given a forum to draw attention to the Global Goals and sustainable development, thus creating opportunities for the voices of their peers to be heard on these issues.

The Youth Council for the Global Goals consists of twelve representatives from across the country, aged 13-18 years. The Youth Council meets six times a year, including one meeting with the cabinet. The role of the Council is to learn about and discuss the Global Goals, as well as to prepare and share interactive content on the goals and sustainable development on social media. The Youth Council is also to keep the government focused, through the inter-ministerial working group, and advise it on implementation of the goals.

Nílsína Larsen Einarsdóttir, a specialist in involving children and youth at UNICEF Iceland, will supervise the activities of the Council. The work of the Youth Council can be followed on its Facebook page and further details are available by contacting ungmennarad@for.is.

PR and communications

Special emphasis is placed on disseminating information about the Global Goals to the general public, since it is obvious that they cannot be achieved without the broad participation of the public, business and industry, the academic community and grassroots organizations.

In March 2018, a promotional campaign was launched on all of the country's media for the UN Global Goals. As the goals highlight progress in all major areas of society throughout the world, the campaign was aimed at reporting good news on the future, assuming the goals are achieved.

The Global Goals information officer is Áslaug Karen Jóhannsdóttir, expert advisor in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For more information please contact her at aslaug@mfa.is.


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