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The website of the Government Offices of Iceland

Welcome to the website of the Government Offices of Iceland. The website serve primarily to make information available about the Icelandic Government Offices to Icelandic citizens. Hence, the information that has been translated into other languages is confined to issues and topics thought to be of particular concern or interest to people who do not master the Icelandic language.

Under Current government you will find a photograph of the present Government, as well as the Policy Statement and the Prime Minister's Policy Address, delivered to the Parliament at the beginning of each Fall Session. Also, there is - in Icelandic only - a listing of all Governments which have served since Iceland was granted Home Rule on 1st February 1904 through to the declaration of Independence in 1944 and to the present day. Under Government Offices you will find short information about the Ministries and its location and there is also a longer list of news in English from the Ministries. Under How Iceland is governed you will find The Constitution of the Republic of Iceland. These have been translated into English.

The structure of the website of the Icelandic Government Offices is based on Ministries. Each Ministry has an independent entry and web-pages which contain information on their portfolio, responsibilities and activities, the laws and regulations pertaining to it, organisation, press briefings and hand-outs, international cooperation etc.

Furthermore, each Ministry offers links to the organs and institutions that are subordinate to it. The material most likely to be of interest to non-Icelanders should be available in other languages than Icelandic.

The Ministries are:

In order to send a general enquiry to any of the above listed Ministries, information on a central e-mail address are provided under each Ministry (see bottom of each page), as well as conventional contact information, i.e. postal address, telephone and facsimile detalis etc.

Please note that various information in the English language is to be found under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, where there are also links to many of the public institutions which offer information of general interest and services for those who contemplate to make a visit to Iceland.

This site offers search facilities (top-right corner), where words in other languages than Icelandic may be traced.