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About the web

The websites of Icelandic Government Offices, stjornarradid.is and this English version government.is, are the Ministries’ common official websites. Its objective is to enable users to easily access through a single site information, services and documents from Government Offices.

All material is produced professionally. Emphasis is placed on providing reliable Information on Ministries and government affairs in a simple and clear manner. New content is added as it becomes available and older content updated as needed.

The web contributes to open and transparent public administration. 

Navigation and searching

The main sections of the navigation system are Topics, News, Publications, Ministries and Government. These appear at the top of all pages. Basic information about the tasks of the Ministries is found under Topics. It shows which Ministry is responsible for each function.

If you are uncertain where to find what you're looking for, often the quickest way is to use the search engine, which will search through all the material available on the web.

Type in a key word connected with or referring to what you are looking for in the search window near the top right corner.

There are also several other search functions on the web that search only within specific topics.


The web is constructed to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the government's accessibility policy, which was adopted in 2012. See more about the accessivility policy.

Inquiries and/or suggestions

Inquiries and suggestions directly concerning the web itself or its content can be sent by clicking on Was this content helpful?  which is located at the bottom of most pages of the web. You can also send comments to [email protected]. If you wish to contact a Ministry regarding an issue, click on “Contact us” and send your query to the Ministry concerned.

Web security and personal data protection

When you use the Government Offices web, information is registered on your visit. This information will not be distributed to other parties except in accordance with statutory requirements for the use of regulatory bodies. 

Use of cookies

The policy of the Government Offices is to make limited and responsible use of cookies.

You can manage your choices or reject optional cookies on this website by clicking the “Cookie Settings” icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

SSL Certificates

The website uses SSL certificates which means all communication goes through an encrypted layer. This makes the data transfer more secure.

User registration on the web

Subscribing for web content

Users can subscribe to receive web content. New content notifications are automatically sent to e-mail addresses of users who have subscribed for web content. Their e-mail addresses and subscription categories are stored in the content management system. This information is only used to send notifications about new content. At the bottom of the notification e-mails received by subscribers is a link to click on if the user wishes to unsubscribe.

Both the web itself and information it receives are stored in Iceland with a company with ISO 27001 international security certification.

Contact us - suggestions or questions

All the web pages provide a link to contact the Ministry by e-mail. Suggestions or questions are immediately communicated to the general address of the Ministry concerned. The e-mail is registered in a document system (case file) and the message forwarded to an employee for a response. Copies of the messages and replies of the Ministry are not stored in the content management system.

Links to other websites

Links are sometimes provided on the Government Offices web to other institutions, NGOs or companies. Note that the rules of Government Offices regarding users’ security do not apply to external websites. Nor can Government Offices be responsible for the content or reliability of such webs. The link does not mean that Government Offices support or agree with any material or content those sites may contain.

Use of content

News and other content published by the Ministries on the web may be freely used by everyone. Users are kindly requested to acknowledge their source. Any questions in this regard should be sent by e-mail to the relevant Ministry.

The media are generally permitted to use news photos published on the web but are kindly requested to acknowledge the source. Where individual photos bear an indication of copyright by photographers or proprietors their use is subject to permission.


Although every effort is made to ensure the content of the Government Offices web is accurate and up-to-date, this cannot always be guaranteed. The Government of Iceland cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. The Government of Iceland assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of information presented on this site. This also applies to references and links to external content.


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