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Sustainable Iceland

Forum for Cooperation on Sustainable Development

The cooperation platform Sustainable Iceland has been established as part of the government‘s focus on sustainable development, wellbeing and just transition. It brings together representatives of the central government, municipalities, the Icelandic parliament, the social partners and non-governmental organisations, as these urgent issues require broad cooperation in society.

The role of Sustainable Iceland is to speed up actions to achieve the goals of sustainable development as they appear in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the government's wellbeing priorities. Sustainable Iceland will also work to ensure that a just transition in all areas of society is a guiding principle in all policy making and actions.

The tasks of Sustainable Iceland include:

  • formulating a sustainable development strategy for Iceland;
  • developing, coordinating and examining sustainability indicators, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals and wellbeing indicators;
  • strengthening participation in multinational cooperation on sustainable development, including on a Nordic level, in European cooperation and through the United Nations;
  • promoting consultation and coordination of the central government with local authorities, business and industry, the social partners and NGOs;
  • promoting awareness of the progress and success achieved in sustainable development to the authorities, cooperating partners and the general public.

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council is comprised of the Prime Minister, who is the chair, other ministers in the government, and representatives from the business sector, trade unions, local authorities, the Icelandic parliament, civil society and NGOs.

Steering Group of Sustainable Iceland

A steering group has been appointed for Sustainable Iceland to coordinate the work of the public sector. The Steering Group includes representatives of all twelve ministries of the government as well as representatives of the National Association of Local Authorities. A representative of the Prime Minister's Office chairs the steering group.

Executive Committee of Sustainable Iceland

The Executive Committee of Sustainable Iceland is a team of experts from the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Statistics Iceland. The Executive Committee carries out those tasks entrusted to Sustainable Iceland. The Sustainable Development leader, an employee of the Prime Minister's Office, leads the group. 


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