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The Arts, Cultural Heritage, Sports and Youth affairs

The Icelandic government considers it part of its role to create the conditions for artistic variety, creativity and initiative to flourish. The Ministry of Culture and Business Affairs is responsible for the arts and general cultural affairs in Iceland. The objective of the state's support of the arts and culture is to afford everyone residing in Iceland the opportunity to enjoy arts and culture regardless of their social status, and to ensure a favourable working environment for artists. Government involvement in the arts focuses primarily on the operation of state-run artistic institutions and support for professional artists. 

The authorities support the preservation of historical sites and cultural artefacts in order to pass on the nation's cultural heritage to future generations. The Ministry is also responsible for museums and national cultural institutions. By operating key cultural heritage institutions the government supports independent research in history and culture and offers the public the opportunity to learn about the nation's past.

The media, including the Media Commission and Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV), are under the auspices of the Ministry.

The Ministry is responsible for public involvement in youth affairs apart from formal education, supports youth organisations in a variety of ways and has conducted research in the field since the year 1992. The Ministry's responsibilities also include sports. Its role includes gathering data on sporting activities in Iceland and the facilities available for sports, as well as supporting research in this area. Anti-doping programmes also operate under the Ministry's oversight.

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