Hoppa yfir valmynd
Permanent Mission of Iceland in Vienna

Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Upholding the Principles of Tolerance and Non-Discrimination, incl. Promotion and Protection of Freedom of Religion and Belief in Vienna

During discussion at the conference on intolerance and discrimination the Permanent Representative of Iceland Mr. Guðni Bragason, stated that the Icelandic Constitution prohibits discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, and that  provisions in the General Penal Code specifically safeguard against such discrimination. In addition, The Penal Code makes it clear that any kind of attack or incitement against a person or a group of persons based on their nationality, ethnicity, race or religion is not tolerated. The Permanent Representative also made the point that it is important not curtail freedom of expression, also grounded in Constitution, while attempting to address issues relating to incitement of discrimination, intolerance, bigotry and the incitement to hostility or violence against persons on the basis of religion or belief.

Statement of the Permanent Representative of Iceland on 2 April 2019.


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