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Permanent Mission of Iceland in Vienna

Hybrid threats undermine the rule of law and democracy.

The OSCE is a good forum for a discussion on hybrid threats and all attempts to undermine the rule of law and democracy, said Jóna Sólveig Elínardóttir, Director in the Defense Department of the Icelandic MFA, in discussions within the OSCE Structured Dialogue on 6th June 2020. She added that the COVID-19 situation had demonstrated how little it takes to damage infrastructure, transportation and food security, as well as  launching disinformation campaigns. She mentioned the response of the Icelandic Government to such threats, including an information effort  among the citizen, and cooperation with all relevant agencies and international partners and allies.

Statement of Director Jóna Sólveig Elínardóttir, MFA Iceland on 5 June 2020


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