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Embassy of Iceland in New Delhi

Ambassador Guðni Bragason Presents Credentials to the President of India

Credential Ceremony  - mynd

The new Ambassador conveyed to the President of India the greetings of the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, and his best wishes for the welfare and success of India. He  referred to the official visit of the Indian President and his wife to Iceland in September 2019 as a success for the friendship of the two countries, which in the coming year, 2022, will celebrate fifty years of diplomatic relations.

The Ambassador added that the anniversary gave a good opportunity to highlight the issues and ideals that Icelanders and Indians have in common, such as emphasis on security, democracy, human rights, sustainable development and use of natural resources, free market economy, and draw attention, through events and cultural exchange, to our good relations.

“Our countries, and indeed the whole world, have been facing enormous challenges in the last months through the COVID-19 pandemic. Allow me, Excellency, to say that it shows the strength of our societies and culture that we have been able to live up to these challenges, and that we will over-come them,” the Ambassador concluded.

Speech by the Ambassador to the President of India

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