Hoppa yfir valmynd
Embassy of Iceland in Beijing

Ambassador’s Meeting with Mr. Li Gao DG of the Dept of Climate Change of Ministry of Ecology and Environment

On 25th March, Ambassador Thorir Ibsen and William Freyr Huntingdon-Williams DHoM of the Embassy of Iceland in Beijing had virtual meeting with Mr. Li Gao Director General of the Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of PRC.  They discussed climate change policies and plans, as well as geothermal collaboration and the potential of carbon capture, recycling and storing cooperation.

Iceland aims to achieve carbon neutrality before 2040 and to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 under the Paris Agreement. Iceland has great potential for carbon uptake from the atmosphere by afforestation and revegetation, and to curb emissions from soils by reclaiming drained wetlands. Since 2021, the world's largest carbon capture plant "Orca" has come online in Iceland, which uses geothermal energy to pull thousands of metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and pump it underground. Orca will be able to capture the equivalent of the annual emissions made by 790 cars.


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