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Exercise Dynamic Mongoose taking place in the North Atlantic

From the 2017 Dynamic Mongoose exercise - mynd
Eleven Allied nations are set to take a part in Dynamic Mongoose 2023, a large-scale Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercise in the North Atlantic from April 24 to May 5. Iceland is the primary host nation for the exercise this year.

The goal of this annual exercise is to enhance the capabilities of Allies to conduct joint Anti-Submarine Warfare operations in a challenging environment and test their ability to confront any threat within the subsurface domain. Fifteen vessels from ten Allied nations participate in the exercise, including Icelandic Coast Guard Vessel Freyja, and several submarines. In addition, Maritime Patrol Aircraft from seven Allied nations will provide support from the air. At the end of the exercise several participating vessels will make a port-call in Reykjavík.
NATO’s Anti-Submarine Warfare exercises have been held annually off the coast of Norway since 2012 with the exception of 2017 and 2020 when Iceland hosted the exercise as it does this year. The Government of Iceland provides facilities at the Keflavik Security Zone and the Icelandic Coast Guard participates in the exercise.

In addition to Iceland, eleven Allied nations participate in Dynamic Mongoose 23: Canada, Denmark (along with the Faroe Islands), France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States


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