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Third Committee Statement with the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia

Interactive dialogue with the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia
New York, 25 October 2023

Mr. Chair.

We remain deeply concerned about human rights violations and abuses in Ethiopia. Conflict, violence, and instability are now near-national in dimension.

We call on all parties to the conflict to immediately cease violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

The gravity of crimes committed by all parties to the conflict and their implications for future peace and stability cannot be overstated. The situation bears the risks of future atrocity crimes.

We firmly belief that ending international and regional inquiries was premature; we would have liked to see the mandate of the Commission renewed.

We urge the Government of Ethiopia to continue progress towards credible, inclusive, and comprehensive transitional justice. An independent, impartial and transparent accountability mechanism that preserves evidence, conducts investigations into all allegations of human rights violations and abuses, and violations of IHL, and that prosecutes those responsible is vital.

Commissioner, what should the international community look for to see if Ethiopia’s transitional justice efforts are effective?

I thank you.


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