Hoppa yfir valmynd
Embassy of Iceland in Beijing

Celebrating the Day of the Icelandic Language

On the 16th of November the Embassy of Iceland in Beijing celebrated the Day of the Icelandic Language with Chinese students from the Beijing Foreign Studies University studying Icelandic. The students presented poems recitals in Icelandic and sang songs in Icelandic. A pleasant afternoon for celebration and appreciation of the Icelandic language.

November 16 is the birthday of Jónas Hallgrímsson, the Icelandic poet, literary and a naturalist who in the first half of the nineteenth century played a major role in bringing the Icelandic language back to the status it has today. The purpose of the Icelandic Language Day is to remind us of the importance of the Icelandic language and its value for our national identity and culture.

In Iceland, this day is celebrated in schools and with cultural events. Also, on this day the Jónas Hallgrímsson prize is awarded to an individual who has in a special way celebrated the Icelandic language and contributed to its promotion, advancement and to passing it on to our next generation. The Embassy of Iceland dedicates the day of the Icelandic language here in Beijing to the many brave Chinese students who have made an effort to learn Icelandic. Because these individuals can play a key role in connecting people and companies from Iceland and China and thus contribute to connecting our nations.


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