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Nine Prime Ministers discuss creative industries and public sector innovation at Northern Future Forum in Reykjavik

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The Northern Future Forum brings together for the fifth time in an informal setting the Prime Ministers of nine countries as well as business leaders and experts. Iceland, this year's host country, wishes to stimulate debate on the importance of creative industries which account for higher than average growth and job creation, where measureable and innovation as a catalyst for change in the way public services are run. All of the countries participating in the event are facing common challenges, which include the need to balance public sector finances, digitalisation, and international competition.

“The Northern Future Forum is a great way to pool our knowledge and learn from one another. It is a unique venue where academia, the business sector and policy makers from nine countries come together to present and discuss innovative ideas. The challenges of our countries are in many ways similar and the sharing of ideas and knowledge in this open way strengthens our abilities to work through them” says Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson. “Iceland has some leading experts in these fields and we also look forward to learn from the discussions and to be inspired by our guests' ideas and solutions.”

The seminar will be held at the University of Iceland, main building. It will be possible to follow the event's opening speeches, closing session and press conference by webcast.

The members of the Northern Future Forum met for the first time in London in January 2011. The seminar has also been held in Stockholm, Riga and Helsinki.

The Northern Future Forum official website: nff2015.is


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