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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Norwegian Air Force conducts air policing around Iceland

A flight squadron from the Norwegian Air Force is expected to arrive in the country on Monday to conduct a NATO air policing mission in Iceland for the next few weeks. This will be the eighth time that the Norwegians have supported the mission, with the Norwegian Air Force last deployment present in the country in January and February of 2023.

The squadron will bring four F-35 fighter jets and up to 120 personnel and will be based at the Keflavik security zone. There, flight squadrons from NATO member countries that conduct submarine surveillance off the coast of Iceland will also be present.

In addition to the flight squadron, staff from NATO control centres in Udem, Germany, and at the security area of Keflavik Airport will participate in the mission. The execution of the mission will follow the same arrangement as in previous years and in accordance with NATO's air policing plan.

Approach training exercises are expected at alternative airports in Akureyri and Egilsstaðir from January 15 to 24, subject to weather conditions.

The Icelandic Coast Guard, in cooperation with Isavia and on behalf of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, will oversee the execution of the mission, which is expected to conclude by mid-February.


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