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Update on the new volcanic eruption in Southern Iceland

Travelling restrictions are in the area around Eyjafjallajökull glacier, where a volcanic eruption began last night. Travellers in the South of Iceland are advised to exercise caution, follow instructions and not to enter restricted areas.

The Civil Protection authorities give regular updates on the situation, see: http://www.almannavarnir.is/. Passengers flying to or from Iceland are advised to follow updated travel information on http://www.kefairport.is/English/. For newscoverage in English, see: http://www.icelandreview.com/daily_news/ and www.ruv.is

The location of the eruption is 120 km east of Reykjavik, in the highland. The current eruption is considerably more powerful than the one that started in Fimmvörðuháls last month. Flooding has begun in the river Markarfljót.

No casualities are reported due to the eruption but around 700 people in the adjacent areas, Fljótshlíð, Landeyjar and under the Eyjafjöll-mountains, have been evacuated from the area due to the danger of flooding.

The Civil Protection authorities maintain travel restricition on roads leading to the area. They are, together with geophysicists, monitoring the situation closely.


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