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Volcanic eruption in South Iceland

The affects of the eruption are regional and bound to a limited part of the south coast of Iceland. The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has for precautionary reasons issued guidelines for the public and farmers in region with information on protection against ash fall. The Icelandic version of the guide is based on "The Health Hazards of Volcanic Ash" issued by the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network which is available here.

The ash hurled into the atmosphere by the eruption has however caused serious disruption of air traffic. Icelandic scientists and public authorities, the Meterological Institution (http://en.vedur.is/) and the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration (www.isavia.is), remain in close contact with their counterparts in Europe in order to monitor the eruption, the weather conditions and the projected path of the volcanic ash cloud.

Travelling in Iceland – safety first
Foreign visitors in Iceland that have had their flights cancelled are advised to contact their travel agents. Visitors coming to Iceland are encouraged to monitor the news and learn about their rights if the flight is cancelled.

Travelers are also urged to take all necessary general precautions while travelling in Iceland and seek the advise of local authorities.

Air traffic
Ash fall from the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull has affected air traffic in North Europe the last few days and therefore traveling to and from Iceland. People are encouraged to monitor the news and learn about their rights if the flight is canceled.

Passengers flying to or from Iceland are advised to follow updated travel information on http://www.kefairport.is/English/.
•    Information from Icelandair (http://www.icelandair.co.uk/information/media/utanrikisraduneyti-media/media/newslist/announcement/item430206/Volcanic_ash_from_is_closing_airspace_(_UK_&_Scandinavia)/)
•    Information from Iceland Express (http://www.icelandexpress.com/travel_information/)
•    Information from SAS (http://www.flysas.com/en/unconnected_pages/Volcano-eruption-on-Iceland-/?idkeep=True&vst=true)
•    Information from the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration http://www.flugmalastjorn.is/English/TheICAA/News/201
Situation report from the Civil Emergency Authorities


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