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Iceland´s bond issue last June still draws great attention

EuroWeek magazine has selected the bond issue of Iceland among the best in their choice of the best bond issues for 2011.

The Icelandic issue last June in US Dollars for 1 bn. 4.875% 5 year trade with Barcap, Citi & UBS  was elected the second best at EuroWeek in the category US Dollar Sovereign and the 10th in the Overall deal of the Year in all categories.

Bank of England´s bond issue was elected the best in USD Sovereign category, Iceland´s second best and Finland´s issue came third.  

In all categories the Rescue Fund Eurozone (EFSF) bond issue topped the list among the European Union, World Bank and the United Kingdom.

EuroWeek is a monthly magazine that covers international financial markets. In selecting the best bond issues in 2011, the magazine asked the market itself to vote; investment analyst, specialists from the banking sector and specially from investment banks. 

EuroWeek has payed particular attention to the Icelandic bonds issuing in its writings in the past year, both in the June copy and in a special edition last September focusing on borrowers.

The red thread in the writings of EuroWeek and in the writings of others, is that the bond issuing last June, was regarded as one of the most successful in international financial markets and a great achievement for Iceland to be able to return to the bond market so soon after the economic crisis following the collapse of the Icelandic banking system in 2008.


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