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Ministry of Infrastructure

Guidelines for drivers with UK licences

The following shall apply for holders of UK driving licences visiting or living in Iceland in the event of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union.

Visitors in Iceland

Visitors with UK licences will still not need an IDP (International Driving Permit) to drive in Iceland. They can drive using their UK licence while visiting the country.

UK licence holders living in Iceland

Under the current EU law UK licence holders living in Iceland can drive in Iceland using their valid UK licence. They can also exchange their UK licence for an Icelandic licence up until the day the UK leaves the EU without having to take a new driving exam.

The Ministry of Transport and Local Government intends to make the necessary regulatory amendments to ensure that for at least one year after exit day, UK licence holders living in Iceland will be allowed to drive using their UK licences, as before. They will also be able to exchange their valid licences for Icelandic ones without taking a driving exam in Iceland for at least a year after exit day. This will also apply to certificates of professional competence.

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