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Launch of Iceland‘s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014

Formennskuáætlun Íslands

Iceland‘s Prime Minister, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, launched today  Iceland‘s Presidency of the Nordic governments' official co-operation forum, the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014. The programme focuses on the Nordic Region's biological resources, which can be utilized much better than they are today in order to ensure sustainable use and avoid waste.

The Icelandic Presidency will launch a number of initiatives in bioeconomy and the creative industries, as well as strengthen the interaction between energy, the environment and the climate sector in Nordic co-operation.

More than any other Nordic country, Iceland has experienced what it means when the economic rug is pulled out from under the welfare state. One of the new initiatives in Nordic co-operation in 2014 will therefore be a new body to follow developments in the Nordic countries and help to ensure due diligence in the development of the welfare state.

The Nordic Council of Ministers will publish indicators for sustainable development in the Nordic Region, which, along with the welfare sector, will be the overarching focus for Nordic co-operation in the coming year.

A third priority in the Icelandic Presidency is the development of a special Nordic playlist, which will help to promote Nordic produced music worldwide.

The entire Icelandic Programme for the Presidency and be read and downloaded on norden.org and the individual initiatives can be followed throughout the year on  nordic2014.com


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