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Humanitarian assistance to Malawi due to floods

Iceland will donate approx. 75,000 US dollars in humanitarian assistance to Malawi. The funds, which will be channeled through Unicef, will be used to assist those affected by the recent floods in Malawi. This comes in response to the appeal for humanitarian assistance to the international donor community made by the President of Malawi, as he declared a state of disaster in districts affected by floods. More than 638,000 people have been affected countrywide and 174,000 people displaced in the three most affected districts. 

Iceland and Malawi have had a close relationship since 1989 and Iceland has supported numerous development activities in the Mangochi District, in particular. "Iceland has many times been affected by the forces of nature, and we know how hard it can be to recover from such disasters. Therefore, we are grateful to be able to assist Malawi in its time of need," Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs in Iceland, stated. "We are following the  situation in Malawi  and wish Malawi every success in recovering from the devastating impacts of the floods."


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