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Open meeting of the Security Council on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait

Open meeting of the Security Council on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait on 11 March 2003
Statement by H.E. Mr. Thorsteinn Ingolfsson, Permanent Representative of Iceland to the United Nations

Mr. President,

I refer to my statement in this Council some three weeks ago stating the general views of the Government of Iceland on the serious issue now on the agenda.

My Government is deeply concerned over the situation prevailing in Iraq and still hopes that the Security Council will manage to reunite in following up its resolution no. 1441. No effort must be spared to maintain the resolve of the Council. A failure in this respect could have unforseeable consequences on the crucial role the Council has in maintaining peace and security in the world.

Last September, in the General Assembly, my Foreign Minister underlined that full implementation of Security Council resolutions is imperative. He also commended the consensus that was emerging in the council on how to deal with defiance of Security Council resolutions. Constructive approach from the Council is desperately needed again today.

It is the view of my Governmentthat the Iraqi government has not actively co-operated with the inspectors and is, thus, in violation of resolution 1441. The international community has tolerated relentless obstruction of inspections for 12 years now. Therefore, it is high time that the United Nations show determination. The credibility of the United Nations is at stake.

The Government of Iceland reiterates its hope for a peaceful solution. A war in Iraq is a last resort. It is up to the Iraqi government to avoid conflict by disarming quickly and in a credible manner.

The international community must show its resolve and the United Nations their strength. The handling of this matter must leave no one in doubt about the authority and ability of our organisation to enforce its decisions.

Thank you Mr. President.


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