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Open meeting of the Security Council on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait

Statement by H.E. Mr. Thorsteinn Ingólfsson, Permanent Representative of Iceland to the United Nations at the open meeting of the Security Council on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait
26 March 2003

Mr. President,

Iceland has aligned itself with the statement made by Greece on behalf of the European Union.

In addition, Iceland would like to state the following.

Iceland regrets that Iraq has had to face the serious consequences of military action. This would not have been necessary had the Iraqi regime decided to change its attitude and cooperate immediately, actively and fully, as it was obliged to by resolution 1441.

The Icelandic Government has given its political support to the coalition of states for the immediate disarmament of Iraq. This is due to our conviction that action was necessary to ensure the implementation of all relevant UN resolutions regarding the disarmament of Iraq.

We urge Member States of the UN to unite in the work ahead and to secure full UN role in humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people and post-war reconstruction of their country. The Iraqi people need the full support of the international community to be able to rise again to prosperity, democracy, dignity and peaceful coexistence with their neighbours after decades of dictatorship and agression.

Thank you Mr. President


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