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Iceland to address the spread of antibiotic resistance

Today, the Government of Iceland launched an action plan aiming to curb the spread of antibiotic resistance. By implementing this action plan, Iceland intends to be at the forefront of addressing this serious threat to global health.

The action plan was launched jointly by Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister, Kristján Þór Júlíusson, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, and Svandís Svavarsdóttir, Minister of Health.

The Government approved a range of measures proposed by a steering committee on antibiotic resistance, established earlier this year by the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture and the Minister of Health.

The main proposals include:

  • the establishment of three expert teams to oversee general preventive measures, providing guidance on the use of antibiotics in animals and the prevention of spread of foodborne antibiotic-resistant bacteria;
  • the establishment of a special fund to facilitate screening and monitoring of antibiotic-resistance in animals, food and the environment;
  • an updated health database tracking veterinarians’ use of animal antibiotics;
  • measures to reduce the risk related to tourism and travels;
  • ensuring sufficient future funding for this action plan.

A total of ISK 45 million will be allocated to the implementation of the action plan this year.

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