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Letter sent to the Prime Minister of Israel

The Prime Minister of Iceland, Mr. Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, has today sent the Prime Minister of Israel a letter outlining the Icelandic Government´s gravest concerns about the situation in Gaza where a large number of innocent civilians has lost their lives. In his letter, the Prime Minister condemns attacks and violence on both sides and calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in order for humanitarian assistance to reach those in need and to revert to peaceful means to resolve the conflict. The letter also stipulates Israel´s right to self-defence under international law.

In his letter, the Prime Minister urges Israel to shoulder its responsibility for the current situation and call off military offensives in Gaza, which are overwhelming in scope and raise serious questions in light of international and humanitarian commitments. The Prime Minister states that military operations are not conducive to a durable solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

                                                   Reykjavík, 23 July 2014



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