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The Government Employees Act, No. 70/1996

The Government Employees Act, No. 70/1996 spells out the rights and duties of government employees, such as pay days, holidays, sick leave, relations with superiors and conditions for dismissal. The Act divides government staff into two groups, civil servants and all other employees. The term "civil servant" will henceforth mainly apply to higher-echelon employees who will be appointed for a fixed period not exceeding five years. All other employees are appointed either temporarily or indefinitely with a three-month notice period. Lifetime appointments will no longer be made. The Act is divided into four main parts:

Part I deals with the areas where the Act applies and it sets out rules on appointment, hiring and duties that apply to all government employees.

Part II deals with those employees to whom the term "civil servant" shall apply, especially with reference to Paragraph 20 of the Constitution. This refers mostly to higher-echelon public servants and employees in security services who henceforth will be appointed for a fixed term of employment.

Part III contains provisions for government employees other than civil servants. It lays down rules on hiring, termination, the right to bargain collectively and to strike.

Part IV contains miscellaneous provisions, amongst others a temporary provision where those government employees who were appointed or hired on the basis of the 1954 Civil Service Act shall retain their acquired rights.


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