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Nordic digital resilience

Artificial intelligence (AI) presents great opportunities for society, but also serious challenges to our democracy. The Nordic countries, with their advanced level of digitalization, similar societal structures and shared values, are well-positioned to jointly counter such challenges. 

To improve digital resilience in the Nordic region, the Nordic Prime Ministers have agreed to task the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation to: 

  1. Strengthen Nordic cooperation to track the accelerating development around the use of AI in spreading disinformation, state-sponsored and from other sources, in the Nordic countries, and explore setting up a Nordic taskforce to this end.
  2. Seek ways to support the necessary oversight and democratic transparency by securing data access for researchers that monitor the effects of digital technology platforms on democracy.
  3. Explore ways how the Nordic countries can jointly strengthen their digital resilience with regards to threats posed by AI to democracy , also in smaller communities at special risk.

Above proposals are a continuation of the recommendations presented in April 2023 by the Nordic Think Tank for Tech and Democracy, formed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. They should be coordinated with and build upon digital resilience efforts in the respective Nordic countries and be complimentary to existing and upcoming international activities in this field, including in the context of current and future EU regulation.


Oslo, 31 October 2023


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