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03.05.2024  -   Iceland opens its Development Cooperation Mission in Freetown
28.02.2024  -   New partnership agreement with ICRC
07.02.2024  -   Iceland supports human rights in Malawi
14.07.2022  -   MAR Advisors to enhance profitability and quality of seafood in Vietnam with support from SDGs fund
07.07.2022  -   RetinaRisk receives grant from SDGs Partnership Fund to prevent vision loss among people living with diabetes in India
29.06.2022  -   Verkís to explore direct geothermal utilisation in Djibouti
28.06.2022  -   Össur Receives Grant from SDGs Partnership Fund to Support Ukrainians in Need
28.06.2022  -   Five companies awarded grants from SDGs partnership fund
25.04.2022  -   Intellecon and BBA//Fjeldco receive grant to explore geothermal heat utilization for drying tea in Kenya
28.01.2022  -   66°North and UN Women receive grants to create jobs for refugee women
07.01.2022  -   Kerecis receives a grant from the SDG Partnership Fund
08.05.2020  -   276 million ISK in response to COVID-19 in developing countries

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