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10.07.2019  -   Vatnajökull National Park added to UNESCO‘s World Heritage List
10.09.2018  -   Iceland launches new Climate Strategy, boosting efforts to reach Paris goals
Act respecting support for the publication of books in Icelandic 2018 no. 130, 2018
Youth Act no. 70, 2007
Film Act 2001 no. 137
Youth act No 70/2007
Upper Secondary Education Act No 92/2008
Sports Act No. 64/1998
Rules pertaining to doctoral studies at higher education institutions
Regulation on the Icelandic Film Fund No. 229/2003
Preschool Act No.90/2008
Public Archives Act No 77/2014
Museum Act No 141/ 2011
Media Act No. 38/2011
Literary Act No 91/ 2007
Library Act No 150/2012
Icelandic Student Loan Fund Act No. 21/1992
Higher Education Act No 63/2006
Educational Grants Act No. 79/2003
Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioners Act No 35/2009
Directorate of Education Act No 91/2015
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communication Centre Act No 129/1990
Bill introducing an Act amending the Copyright Act No 73/1972 (private copying) 2016
Act amending the Copyright Act, No 73/1972 (private copying) 2016
Copyright Act No. 73/1972
Compulsory School Act No 91/2008
Adult Education Act No 27/2010
Act respecting the status of the Icelandic language and Icelandic sign language No 61/2011
Act on the Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies No 40/2006
Act on the recognition of professional qualifications for the pursuit of an activity in Iceland No. 26/2010
Act on the return of cultural objects to other countries No. 57/2011
Act on the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, a public-service medium No. 23/2013
Act on the education and recruitment of teachers and administrators of preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools No 87/2008
Act on Public Support for Research No. 3/2003
Act on public higher education institutions No 85/2008
Act on children's access to films and video games No. 62/2006
Act on workplace training fund No 71/2012
Act on the National and University Library of Iceland No 142/2011
Act on the Icelandic Museum of Natural History No 35/2007
Act on Visual Arts No 64/2012
Act on the recognition of professional qualifications for the pursuit of an activity in Iceland 2010 No 26
Policy on Youthwork 2014 -2018
The Icelandic national curriculum guide for compulsory schools - with Subjects Areas
National Cultural Policy
The Icelandic national curriculum guide for upper secondary school : general section : 2012
The Icelandic national curriculum guide for compulsory school : general section : 2012
Towards a strategy to prevent dropout in Iceland - Result of the OECD Iceland Workshop Preventing dropout in upper secondary schools in Iceland
The Icelandic national curriculum guide for preschools : 2012
Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Funding and the Social Dimension 2011
Science and Technology Policy for Iceland 2010-2012 - Building on solid foundations
The Nordic Youth Research among 16 to 19 year old in Åland Islands, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
Policy on Public Universities
Policy-making for LIFELONG LEARNING
Youth College Students 16 to 20 years
Culture - The Arts, The National Cultural Heritage, Broadcasting, Language Policy, Sports and Youth Activities
National summary sheets on education systems in Europe and ongoing reforms - Iceland
Icelandic National Report - Bologna 2008
Nordic Declaration on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education - Report to the Nordic Council of Ministers

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