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24.02.2024  -   Long-term support to Ukraine
23.12.2023  -   Iceland joins two coalitions supporting Ukraine
13.12.2023  -   Joint Statement of the Nordic-Ukrainian Summit in Oslo
28.11.2023  -   Mobile field hospital donated by Iceland operational in Ukraine
16.11.2023  -   Robert Spano elected to the Board of the Register of Damage for Ukraine
27.10.2023  -   The Icelandic people want to support Ukraine
02.10.2023  -   The Minister for Foreign Affairs visits the new mobile field hospital for Ukraine
01.08.2023  -   Iceland increases its presence in Ukraine
05.07.2023  -   Iceland provides equipment for Ukrainian EOD teams
31.05.2023  -   Training for Ukrainian soldiers in combat medicine
23.05.2023  -   Support for fuel transportation of the Ukrainian army
23.05.2023  -   End of Iceland’s Presidency of the Council of Europe
15.03.2023  -   Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs visited Ukraine and met with Volodomyr Zelensky
03.10.2022  -   JEF Defence Ministers Statement
26.08.2022  -   Presidents and Foreign Ministers of the Baltic States visit Iceland
28.06.2022  -   Össur Receives Grant from SDGs Partnership Fund to Support Ukrainians in Need
08.06.2022  -   Defence Ministers of the Northern Group met in Reykjavik
08.06.2022  -   Joint statement on the limited resumption of Arctic Council cooperation
11.05.2022  -   Iceland's support for Ukraine reaches one billion ISK
09.05.2022  -   President Volodymyr Zelensky‘s address to the Icelandic Parliament
09.05.2022  -   Prime Minister's address at a special session of Althingi with the President of Ukraine - May 6th 2022
25.04.2022  -   Iceland to welcome up to 140 vulnerable refugees from Ukraine
07.03.2022  -   The Minister of Justice permits temporary protection due to mass flight
27.02.2022  -   Further solidarity measures for Ukraine
24.02.2022  -   Iceland strongly condemns Russia’s attacks on Ukraine

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