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17 May 2024Blá ör til hægriPremière du film « When the Light Breaks » à Cannes
16 April 2024Blá ör til hægriIceland pledges support to humanitarian efforts in Sudan
04 October 2023Blá ör til hægriFrench-Icelandic exchange on the digitalization of public services and administration
27 September 2023Blá ör til hægriInternational Equal Pay Day Event
17 February 2023Blá ör til hægriBarbershop event at UNESCO
26 October 2021Blá ör til hægriGRÓ Category II Centre introduced at UNESCO in Paris
08 March 2021Blá ör til hægriThe World Not Only Needs Women Leaders – It Needs Feminist Leaders
21 February 2021Blá ör til hægriUNESCO International Mother Language Day 2021: Samromur.is
09 February 2021Blá ör til hægriIceland joins UNESCO’s efforts to support artists and cultural life in Beirut
27 November 2020Blá ör til hægriPrime Minister of Iceland addresses UNESCO High-Level Round Table on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
19 November 2020Blá ör til hægriIceland contributes to the UNESCO IPDC
06 November 2020Blá ör til hægriVirtual Meeting of the UNESCO Gender Equality Group of Friends in October
03 November 2020Blá ör til hægriCOVID-19: Opening hours of the Embassy
13 July 2020Blá ör til hægriVendée-Arctique-les Sables d'Olonne: all sails out between France and Iceland
01 July 2020Blá ör til hægriDeparture of Ambassador Kristján Andri Stefánsson
02 June 2020Blá ör til hægriNew opening hours of the Embassy
22 April 2020Blá ör til hægriIceland Introduces 14-day Quarantine for International Arrivals
17 March 2020Blá ör til hægriCOVID-19 - Opening hours of the Embassy
21 June 2019Blá ör til hægriGender Equality Plus Meeting chaired by Ambassador Stefansson
11 March 2019Blá ör til hægriWiki4Women - initiative de l'UNESCO et de Wikimédia Foundation, soutenue par l'Islande
12 February 2019Blá ör til hægriNordic arts festival in Rome

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