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Embassy of Iceland in Ottawa

Event: The Nordic Road to Green Economies – paving the way to a sustainable recovery from COVID-19

Join the Nordic Ambassadors and the University of Ottawa for an online event Thursday 17. September at 10. am. Registration required.

The Nordic Road to Green Economies – paving the way to a sustainable recovery from COVID-19

Green recovery from COVID-19 is top of the agenda across the world and in Canada. Nordic co-operation on climate and energy is globally unique and has a long history dating back more than a century. Today, Nordic co-operation on climate is a role model and Nordic energy cooperation is the most integrated regional system of co-operation in the world. All the Nordic countries have ambitious national targets for switching to sustainable energy and are pioneers of green solutions in a global context. Thanks to the fact that the Nordic countries have a wide range of energy sources at their disposal, they complement each other and can benefit from each other’s strengths through close co-operation.

This event will allow us to learn more about Nordic green solutions in an exchange with ambassadors and representatives from the Nordic countries. It is an opportunity to engage with them and compare with local and other international experience, as we move towards a greener future.

Our panelists and topics:

• A clear business case for choosing renewable energy, Ambassador of Denmark, Ms. Hanne Fugl Eskjær
• The Nordic energy cooperation – transmission beyond borders, Ambassador of Sweden, Mr. Urban Ahlin
• Geothermal – clean energy into the future, Ambassador of Iceland, Mr. Pétur Ásgeirsson
• Hydrocarbons and beyond. Green transition and the blue economy, Ambassador-Designate of Norway, Mr. Jon Elvedal Fredriksen
• Circular Economy - Chargé d’affaires ai., Ms. Kaisa Heikkila, Embassy of Finland

Monica Gattinger, PhD
Full Professor, School of Political Studies
University of Ottawa

Thursday, September 17 2020 10 am to 11 am (US and Canada)
Online via Microsoft Teams
Registration is mandatory. Register here.
This event is open to the public.
Session to be in English (questions can be asked in French & in English )
This event is hosted by the University of Ottawa and Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.


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