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How do I Invest in the Seafood Industry in Iceland?

How do I Invest in the Seafood Industry in Iceland?

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What is the state of the Icelandic market and what do you need to consider when looking to invest in Icelandic seafood and aquaculture companies?

  • The Icelandic seafood industry is approximately a 3 billion dollar business including aquaculture and there are indications that in the coming years we will see increased growth and profitability
  • Three Icelandic seafood companies are listed on Nasdaq
  • Three Icelandic aquaculture companies are listed on Euronext
  • Many medium sized companies in fishing, aquaculture and seafood processing are looking to optimize and consolidate in their business




Magnús Bjarnason, Managing Partner at Mar Advisors will discuss the Icelandic market, the dos and dont's when investing in the seafood industry in Iceland with focus on opportunities in fish farming and outlook.





Neil Ramsden is deputy editor at Undercurrent News. He has been with UCN for 8 years and has extensive experience covering the seafood industry from various parts of the world. He has witnessed rapid changes in the sector, facilitated by the advent of new technologies and financial instruments, as well as the emergence of new players in the industry. He frequently covers aquaculture and innovations therein; the salmon, pelagic, warm water and coldwater shrimp markets. Neil is based in the UK.


Organized by the Consulate of Iceland in New York and Business Iceland in partnership with Mar Advisors, Undercurrent News and the Icelandic American Chamber of Commerce.

-The meeting will start on time so please call in few minutes early. The meeting starts at 11:30am to 12:00 noon EST(15:30-16:00 Iceland time).



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