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2021 Nordic PropTech Market-Entry Accelerator Program

Nordic Innovation House NY is accepting applications for it’s 2021 Nordic PropTech market-entry accelerator program.  If you’re a company with a PropTech solution for the US market, this program will give you a competitive edge and accelerator your market entry into the US, with strong emphasis on NYC area opportunities.  Not sure if your company is a good fit?  Check out our PropTech guide and market overview video here:  https://bit.ly/3h1D6qT

What:    6-week virtual part-time accelerator program for Nordic companies with PropTech solutions for the US market

Why:     Gain a fuller understanding of the US real estate industry, PropTech sector, and opportunities in each; get a competitive edge over others in the NY PropTech space; Get immediate exposure to investors and potential customers via mentorship, showcase, networking, and pitch events for program

Who:     Nordic Innovation House NY – www.nihny.com

When:  Applications due August 23
Accelerator// Oct 4-Nov 15
NYC Real Estate Tech Week (in-person) // Dec 6-10

How:     Apply here // https://bit.ly/3qxbehd


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