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Embassy of Iceland in Ottawa

Security and Defence in the Arctic - Recording from Nov. 24

The seminar was hosted by Varðberg – Association on Western Cooperation and International Affairs in collaboration with the Institute of International Affairs and is part of a seminar series on defence and security in the Arctic and the Embassy of Iceland in Ottawa and the Embassy of Canada in Reykjavík

Dr. James Fergusson, Deputy Director of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at the University of Manitoba in Canada, gives a lecture entitled “North American Defence: NORAD and the Arctic and Northwest Atlantic Approaches”. In his talk, Dr. Fergusson will discuss security and defence issues in the Arctic with a special emphasis on the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD.

Dr. Fergusson is a Professor of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba where he teaches a range of courses in International relations, foreign and defence policy, and strategic studies. He has published numerous articles on strategic studies, non-proliferation and arms control, the defence industry, and Canadian foreign and defence policy.

The Centre for Defence and Security Studies is a centre of national excellence with the mission to advance knowledge and debate in Canada on defence and security issues. One of their main research themes is security and defence in the Arctic and North America.


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