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51st Session of the Human Rights Council: Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention - General Debate

Human Rights Council - 51st session

Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention

Item 4: General Debate

Statement by Iceland


Thank you, Mr. President.

Iceland remains gravely concerned about steps Russia has taken to further restrict fundamental freedoms inside Russia since its invasion of Ukraine. We urge Russia to respect freedoms of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly, and welcome steps underway to bring the human rights situation inside Russia to Council’s attention.                                                                                   

In Ethiopia, we are alarmed by reports of extrajudicial killings, sexual and gender based violence and starvation, as a method of warfare. We urge all parties to immediately cease  hostilities, and take steps towards reaching a political solution. Redress for past violations and abuses, some of which may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, must be ensured.

We are deeply alarmed by accounts of systematic human rights violations and abuses against Uyghurs and other minorities in China that may amount to crimes against humanity, including mass arbitrary detention, cultural and religious persecution, forced labor and sterilization. Accountability must be ensured.

In Iran, we condemn the violent enforcement of the discriminatory compulsory veiling law. We urge the authorities to ensure that fundamental human rights of its citizens, including those of women and girls, are respected and that those under any form of detention are not subject to any form of mistreatment. Violence directed against peaceful protesters and human rights defenders must stop.

In Egypt, we remain concerned about widespread and systematic violations and abuses of human rights, including freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of assembly and association.

Mr. President.

In Myanmar, we deplore the relentless attacks on children and call for an immediate end to all forms of violence, including sexual and gender based violence, mass killings, torture, airstrikes and arson. Ensuring accountability for past and ongoing international crimes is vital.

Finally, Iceland raised its concerns about the human rights situation in Belarus and Ukraine stemming from Russia’s aggression elsewhere under item 4.

I thank you.


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