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Reykjanes Volcanic Eruption: Icelandic Government Advice

Reykjanes volcanic eruption, 14 January 2024 - myndAlmannavarnir / Civil Protection
  • Eruption does not present a threat to life
  • Damage to infrastructure in the area is being monitored and nearby town had already been evacuated
  • No disruption to international or domestic flights
  • Roads to Keflavik international airport unaffected

On Sunday 14 January, at 07:57, a further volcanic eruption began north of the town of Grindavík on the Reykjanes peninsula. This is the second eruption in the area since December 2023 and the fifth in the peninsula since 2021.

The town of Grindavík had already been evacuated as a precaution. The eruption has no wider impact and is not expected to impact additional populated areas.

The area is closed to all traffic while responders and scientists assess the situation. Please do not approach the area for your own safety.

There are no disruptions to flights to and from Iceland and international flight corridors remain open.

Iceland’s authorities are well prepared for seismic events which occur regularly as a feature of our country’s natural geography. This eruption is classified as a fissure eruption (often referred to as Icelandic-type), which does not usually result in large explosions or significant production of ash dispersed into the stratosphere.

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