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Increased support for the defence of Ukraine

Iceland will support the Czech initiative to provide ammunition for Ukraine and fund equipment for women in the Ukrainian military. Ukraine is facing severe shortage of artillery shells, and the Czech-led initiative will help finance the delivery of ammunition to Ukraine, a vital part for Ukraine’s defence. Approximately two million euros are expected to be spent on the project by Iceland.

"It is crucial to continue supporting Ukraine vigorously, not only to defend the people of Ukraine but also to uphold international laws in a broader context and our own security interests. Iceland’s long-term policy on support for Ukraine, currently under parliamentary discussion, will solidify this support in the long term, while simultaneously allowing us to move swiftly and support initiatives of this nature," says Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bjarni Benediktsson.

Furthermore, Iceland will support the procurement of equipment for women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The proportion of women in the armed forces has increased significantly in recent years, especially since the full-scale Russian invasion started. To meet the needs of female soldiers Iceland will provide 75 million ISK to procure uniforms, bulletproof vests, medical, and hygiene supplies.



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