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About the Mission

The Permanent Mission of Iceland to the United Nations in Rome represents Iceland at three international organizations:  FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN; WFP, World Food Program and IFAD, International Fund for Agricultural Development.

The Permanent Representative of Iceland is Stefán Jón Hafstein, who took office in March 2018.

Appointments must be arranged in advance.

Permanent Representative

Stefán Jón Hafstein

Born: 18.02.55

Natioanlity: Icelandic

Professional background:

2015-8: Chargé d’affaires (Head of Mission) for the Icelandic Embassy in Kampala, Uganda, and Country Director for the Icelandic International Aid Agency (ICEIDA) in Uganda.  

2012-2014: Head of Monitoring and Evaluation of development programs for the Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) in Iceland. Representative of Iceland in the DAC Evalnet cooperation within OECD.

2008-2012:  Chargé d’affaires (Head of Mission) for the Icelandic Embassy in Lilongwe, Malawi, and Country Director for the Icelandic International Aid Agency (ICEIDA) in Malawi.  

2007:  Head of social programs for ICEIDA in Namibia.

2002-2006:  Elected City Councillor in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Chairman of the Education Committee of Reykjavik and Chairman of the Committee for Culture and Tourism 2000-2006, Chairman of the Executive board of Reykjavik 2005, President of the City Council 2004, board member of Reykjavik Energy Company 2006 and Chairman of board of the Maritime Museum of Reykjavik 2003-2006.

2000-2002:  Director of digital media for Edda publishers and media.

1997-1999: Editor in Chief of national daily newspaper Dagur in Iceland.

1995-1997: Senior director of current affairs programmes for TV Channel 2 in Iceland.

1991-1994:  Independent producer, advisor and publisher for various Icelandic media outlets.  Political advisor and lecturer.

1987-1991:  Director for Radio 2 Icelandic Public Broadcasting Service.

1985-1991:  Red Cross activities: Liaison officer for the League of Red Cross Societies in Geneva (part 1985) and delegate for the Icelandic Red Cross to a number of African countries on an ad hoc basis  (1985-91).

1983-1987:  Correspondent for Icelandic Public Broadcasting Service in the USA, freelance journalist and author.

1979-1982:  News reporter and programme producer for Icelandic Public Broadcasting Service.

1977-1979:  Freelance news reporter for Icelandic Public Broadcasting Service in London.

Academic Background:

2008-2009: Diploma in Development studies from the University of Iceland.

2000:  New technologies, creativity and management, at the department of engineering the the University of Iceland, credit course.

1983-1985:  M.A. in communications, from University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School of Communications.

1976-1979:  B.A. in media studies. Polytechnic of Central London.

1975-1976:  1.stage towards a B.A. in literature and English at the University of Iceland.

Professional training, short courses:

2017:   From Poverty to Prosperity, OxfordX.  Online course for certificate. Professor Phil Collier.

2017:  Strategic Leadership and Management, International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, London, certificate.

2015: Professional Certificate in Economic Development, International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, London.

2013: Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Boston: Using Evidence to Improve Social Program Effectiveness, admission granted June 2013. Weeklong course.

2012: Uganda Management Institute, Results Based Management, Monitoring and Evaluation in Development.

2012: European Association of Development Research, Complexity in Project Management and Evaluation in Development.

2010: Results Based Management in Development, International Red Cross course.

2006: Project Management, course by the Institute for Coninued Education at the University of Iceland.

2006:  Leadership – for professionals in  challenging conditions -  course by Harvard University and the Institute for Continued Education - at the University of Iceland.

2002: Business managment course, practical training, Iceland.


Author of six books in Icelandic, most recent (2014) Africa, love at second sight. Others in chronological order: Mass media and communications  (1987); Personal documentary book on development work in Africa (1991); documentary on New York (1992) plus a book on flyfishing  (2000) and another on flyfishing, practical guide in 2013. 

Author of a host of scholarly and journalistic articles published since 1977 to date in newspapers, journals, books and magazines.  Most notable and recent: Exploitation, essay on the political context of the economic crisis in Iceland in literary journal TMM (2011).  Essay on the political aspects of social change, independent publication: The Right Change, 2005.  Producer and director/presenter of several TV documentary films and a great number of radio programs, guest lecturer on mass media and politics for the University of Iceland and a number of  non governmental organizations since 1975 to date.

Community involvement and social action

Elected Chairman of the Executive committee of the Social Democratic Party of Iceland  in 2002 and re-elected 2004-6.  Trained international delegate for the Red Cross since 1982, participated in a number of professional committees and organizations within Icelandic media.  Political advisor and consultant (1994 -2002), active member of the political Reykjavik alliance (1994-2006) and served on the founding committee of the Social Democratic Party of Iceland  2000. 

Personal background:

Born in Iceland 1955.  Spouse: Gudrun Kristin Sigurdardottir designer who holds a B.Ed. degree from Iceland, another as Bachelor of fine art from Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, and certified as a graphic designer from Sessions School, NYC.   Part time activities include the outdoors and nature, photography and a variety of other activities in community related services.

Languages:  Fluent English as a working language, good reading and fair comprehension of the Nordic languages.

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