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Ministry of Health, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

COVID-19: Quarantine measures at the border to remain unchanged until 15 January 2022

The Minister of Health has decided to extend the application of the regulation on COVID-19 quarantine measures at the border in line with the recommendation of the Chief Epidemiologist. The regulation will remain in force until 15 January 2022. The reason is the recent severe increase in infections in the country. The Chief Epidemiologist has pointed out that the epidemic is growing fast, the number of people falling severely ill is increasing, and the epidemic is beginning to have adverse effects on the daily operations of the National University Hospital. Around 2% of those diagnosed with COVID-19 need to be hospitalised.

The Chief Epidemiologist has announced, in a message posted on the covid.is website, that an effort to continue vaccinations against COVID-19 is beginning. Further information will become available in the next few days. A third vaccination (booster shot) will be offered to all persons aged 60 and older, individuals with underlying immune system disorders, and various front-line workers, such as medical personnel, police officers and ambulance crews. Booster shots for the general public are under consideration. Administration of the booster shots to the recipients will begin 5–6 months after they received the second doze of the vaccine.


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