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23.07.2020  -   Further easing of restrictions announced
16.07.2020  -   Revised list - residents of twelve non-EEA and Schengen states allowed to visit Iceland
14.07.2020  -   Travellers from Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Germany to be exempt from screening and quarantine requirements
10.07.2020  -   Icelanders and residents in Iceland to take special precautions after arriving in Iceland
15.06.2020  -   Travellers to be tested at border - Science to guide path to the easing of travel restrictions
08.06.2020  -   Information for travellers arriving in Iceland from 15 June 2020
05.06.2020  -   Information for travellers arriving in Iceland from 15 June 2020
02.06.2020  -   Testing for international arrivals to start on 15 June​
26.05.2020  -   Report of the working group on COVID-19 testing for international arrivals
12.05.2020  -   Testing for international arrivals could start in June​
08.05.2020  -   276 million ISK in response to COVID-19 in developing countries
06.05.2020  -   Iceland eases restrictions - all children's activities back to normal
06.05.2020  -   Prime Minister of Iceland and Austrian Minister of Equality discuss COVID-19 and gender equality
06.05.2020  -   Women Leaders Virtual Roundtable on COVID-19
28.04.2020  -   Government of Iceland announces increased support for companies and extension of part-time unemployment benefits
22.04.2020  -   Iceland Introduces Temporary Schengen Border Controls and 14-day Quarantine for International Arrivals
21.04.2020  -   Government of Iceland Announces Second Phase of Economic Response Package to the COVID-19 Crisis
17.04.2020  -   Agreement on guarantee of credit institutions’ supplemental loans to businesses
14.04.2020  -   Restrictions to be gradually lifted starting 4 May
14.04.2020  -   Nordic cooperation vital post COVID-19
09.04.2020  -   Covid-19 epidemic receding in Iceland - 295 new infections in the past seven days and 363 recoveries
26.03.2020  -   Assisting Icelanders returning home
25.03.2020  -   Strict measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 in Iceland
22.03.2020  -   Stricter measures enforced in Iceland: Ban on gatherings of more than 20 people
21.03.2020  -   Icelandic Government announces 1.6bn USD response package to the COVID-19 crisis
20.03.2020  -   Iceland implements Schengen and EU travel restrictions
18.03.2020  -   COVID-19 update
17.03.2020  -   Regional solidarity stressed at Nordic and NB8 conference call
17.03.2020  -   Regarding issuance of Government securities
15.03.2020  -   Large scale testing of general population in Iceland underway
14.03.2020  -   Icelanders advised not to travel abroad
13.03.2020  -   Stricter measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19
10.03.2020  -   Economic response to COVID-19
09.03.2020  -   Response to COVID-19 in Iceland

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