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Statement on behalf of NB8 at the General Assembly Emergency Special Session on Ukraine



I have the honour to speak on behalf of the eight Nordic-Baltic countries: Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and my own country Denmark.


From all corners of the world, we have come together.


To send a resounding YES to uphold international law and the UN Charter


A resounding YES to the principle of the sovereign equality of all UN Member States.


A resounding YES to the need to respect the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of all UN Member States.


A resounding message to Ukraine and all Ukrainians – in the words of a colleague who spoke yesterday: You are not alone. We stand with you. Today, tomorrow and until peace is restored and Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity are fully restored and respected.


We have also sent a clear message to Russia – and to Belarus. STOP the aggression now. Full stop.


What you are doing is unacceptable. It is wrong.


Your unprovoked aggression against Ukraine is a violation of the core principles that you signed up to when you laid the foundation of this very organization, of this community of nations.


Your invasion of Ukraine deserves our strongest condemnation. You will be held accountable. Every legal avenue available must and will be used to hold the aggressor to account.


You must stop the war immediately. You must return your troops to Russia.


You must return to the path of peace. Of genuine dialogue.


It is not too late to stop. It is not too late to reverse the course. It is not too late for you to return to this community, where we believe – with all our faults and imperfections – in the principle of the sovereign equality of all.


We are deeply concerned by the grave unfolding humanitarian crisis. We demand that all parties fully comply with their obligations under IHL and human rights law, protect civilians and critical civilian infrastructure and ensure safe, rapid and unhindered humanitarian access and passage. Humanitarian and medical personnel as well as hospitals and other medical facilities must be protected.


Thousands of civilians have been killed. More have been injured. Close to a million innocent civilians have been forced to flee across borders. Even more have been internally displaced inside Ukraine. They are in need of help and assistance - without delay, without hindrance and pre-conditions. We take this opportunity to salute and express our deepest respect, appreciation and admiration for the generous assistance and protection that Ukraine’s neighbours have shown to all those fleeing the conflict. Men, women and children from all corners of the world.


Once again we echo the words of a protester had written on her sign:


If Russia stops fighting, there will be no more war.


If Ukrainians stop fighting, there will be no more Ukraine.


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