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Iceland submits its first Adaptation Communication to the UNFCCC

Iceland has submitted its first Adaptation Communication to the UNFCCC, allowing Iceland to communicate its progress on adaptation planning processes and the implementation of actions, including the development and enhancement of relevant plans, policies, and contributions, in accordance with Article 7 of the Paris Agreement. Iceland is currently in an ambitious stakeholder process to develop its first national planning process for climate change adaptation.

The report includes excerpts from appropriate chapters of our recently submitted 8th National Communication under the UNFCCC. Broadly, the document captures Iceland‘s national circumstances, research and systemic observations, impacts and adaptation measures, financial assistance and technology transfer, as well as education, training, and public awareness.

Moreover, the submission coincides with the first year Iceland has submitted adaptation information on a voluntary basis to the EEA through its reporting platform. On Iceland´s agenda is to further develop its communication of adaptation information, based on appropriate multilateral and global processes in years to come as it continues to create its future governance structure for enhancing and overseeing national contributions towards climate resilience.

Iceland's First Adapation Communication


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