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07.06.2023  -   Iceland submits its first Adaptation Communication to the UNFCCC
24.11.2021  -   COP26 results a cause for optimism, says Iceland‘s Environment Minister
18.05.2021  -   US Secretary of State Visiting Iceland
28.01.2021  -   Increased efforts for climate adaptation, nature-based solutions
18.12.2020  -   Iceland announces enhanced ambition at Climate Ambition Summit
23.11.2020  -   Iceland‘s National Plan on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions made available to ESA
02.10.2020  -   Icelandic Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources address UN Summit on Biodiversity
23.06.2020  -   New Climate Action Plan - Iceland will fulfil its commitments and more
30.09.2019  -   Minister for Foreign Affairs addressed the UN General Assembly
09.09.2019  -   Land restoration essential for mitigating the climate crisis - letter of intent signed
15.02.2019  -   US Secretary of State visited Iceland
23.10.2018  -   Government’s participation in the sixth Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík

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