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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Permanent Secretary of State, Mr. Martin Eyjólfsson, travelled to New Delhi for Nordic-Baltic participation in the Raisina Dialogue

Representatives from the NB8 countries along with Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, Foreign Minister of India. - mynd

On 21-23 February, the Permanent Secretary of State, Mr. Martin Eyjólfsson, visited New Delhi in the company of Nordic-Baltic colleagues to attend the annual Raisina Dialogue. The trip was undertaken jointly within the framework of the Nordic Baltic cooperation (NB8).

 India is a partner of growing importance to the Nordic-Baltic region. Links between the Nordic and Baltic countries and India are expanding in many areas, such as trade and investment, green transition and innovation.

The Raisina Dialogue, hosted annually by India since 2016, has become a significant international platform for discussing geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges. The exchange between global partners on current security issues was an important aim of the trip. The NB8’s primary emphasis was on the need for global support for Ukraine and the international rules-based order. 


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