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Long-term policy on Iceland's support for Ukraine approved in Alþingi

The proposed parliamentary resolution on Iceland's long-term support for Ukraine 2024-2028 put forward by the Minister of Foreign Affairs was approved by Alþingi today with overwhelming support.

Foreign Minister Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir welcomes Alþingi's approval. "I am especially grateful for the great cross-political consensus that has prevailed in parliament on this extremely important issue. Strong support for Ukraine is the most important security issue facing Iceland and Europe. The international legal system, on which our security and standard of living are based, is threatened by Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine. We must therefore contribute to the defense of Ukraine in a decisive and concrete way," says the Foreign Minister. "With the proposal and the corresponding commitment in the budget plan, a strong foundation is laid for our targeted support to Ukraine."

Minister Gylfadottir submitted a proposal for the preparation of a policy of long-term support for Ukraine at a cabinet meeting on October 10th of last year. The proposal was then submitted to Alþingi on March 12 by Bjarni Benediktsson, then Minister of Foreign Affairs and current Prime Minister, and aims to support the independence, sovereignty, borders, the safety of civilians, humanitarian aid and reconstruction work in Ukraine.

In the Foreign Affairs Committee joint opinion the proposed resolution was welcomed and encouraged its approval. It further emphasized "...that in the areas covered by the policy, Iceland's support for Ukraine should be comparable in scope to that of other Nordic countries. The committee emphasizes that strong support to Ukraine's independence, self-determination and security, in combination with Ukrainian led peace efforts, directly impacts and safeguards the security interests of Iceland and the international legal system on which Iceland's sovereignty is based.”


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