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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Össur Skarphéðinsson attends a conference in London on Libya

Yesterday, Mr. Össur Skarphedinsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs, attended a conference in London, where representatives from fifty states and international organizations met to discuss the situation in Libya. The British government convened the London Conference on Libya, which included UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon, leaders of the Arab League, the European Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, NATO, along with Foreign Ministers of most European states, the United States, Canada and numerous Arab states.
There was a strong unity among participants on the necessity to support the Libyan nation in establishing peace and stop Gaddafi's warfare against the Libyan people.
The main conclusion of the conference was an agreement to resort to three measures: to enforce the UNSC resolutions on the no-fly zone over Libya, enforcing economic sanctions, arms embargo and protection of civilians; secondly to secure immediate humanitarian aid, and thirdly to support the Libyan nation with it's infrastructure so it can build it's own future on democratic governance.
It was decided that the United Nations would appoint a special representative to Libya immediately after the meeting to work on these measures. Also there was an agreement on establishing a special group which will continue to work on these tasks on behalf of the Conference participants.


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