Hoppa yfir valmynd
Ministry of Infrastructure

National Cyber Strategy for Iceland released

The National Cyber Security Strategy addresses the need to protect critical infrastructure as well as response to growing cyber security threats. The Strategy outlines cyber security vision until 2026 and stipulates four main objectives: 

1. Increased capacity to prevent and respond to cyber security threats
2. Increased resilience 
3. Improved legislation in line with international commitments
4. Reliable law enforcement as regards cyber security.

An action plan for 2015-2018 to implement the strategy calls for a special cyber security council, consisting of representatives of key governmental bodies. Moreover, a cyber security forum is proposed, representing both public and private stakeholders.

The strategy will be reviewed as necessary, at minimum every four years, and measures based will be designed to cover shorter periods. This is vital as the changes in the sphere of cyber security are rapid. Iceland needs to keep up with them and at the same take preventive steps to forge a secure cyber environment.


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