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Science and Technology Policy 2020–2022

Science and Technology Policy 2020–2022

Vision of the Science and TechnologyPolicy Council (STPC)

In 2030, Iceland will be a diverse society characterised by welfare, security and equal opportunities. Iceland will be among leading countries when comparing quality of life, happiness and democracy. Emphasis will be placed on the quality of education, everyone's access to it and an education system that is constantly evolving in step with the society and the future.

In 2030, Iceland will be a society where research, knowledge, creativity and initiative lead to reform, value creation and vibrant business and cultural life. The general attitude, fnancial resources, framework and human capital will support science and innovation as the basis for prosperity.

In 2030, Iceland will be a society that cultivates knowledge activities and basic research. This will be a society that uses research and innovation to address societal challenges, enhance quality of life and public health and protect ecosystems, both on land and at sea. It will be a model for other countries in terms of sustainable development.

In 2030, Iceland will be a country that uses its small size to its advantage and is an active participant in the international community of science, innovation and culture. A country with an attractive environment for creative and talented people. Funding for basic research and knowledge-driven innovation will refect that of countries in the forefront, and research and innovation will be of national and international importance.

In 2030, Iceland will be a society where innovation is an integral aspect of its culture and economy. It will be an ideal place to establish and operate internationally competitive business ventures. In Iceland, technological innovations will strengthen the foundations of a society based on the fundamental values of democracy, equality and sustainability.


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