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08.06.2022  -   Joint statement on the limited resumption of Arctic Council cooperation
16.06.2021  -   Extensive report on the status of global Arctic research: Knowledge for a Sustainable Arctic
20.05.2021  -   Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Russia met in Harpa
18.05.2021  -   US Secretary of State Visiting Iceland
18.05.2021  -   Ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council
10.05.2021  -   Science holds the solutions: Ministers of Science meet on Arctic cooperation
25.01.2021  -   Publication of the Greenland Committee Report
27.11.2019  -   Foreign Ministers of Iceland and Russia met in Moscow
21.11.2019  -   Arctic Council actors join forces in Hveragerði
09.10.2019  -   First joint meeting between the Arctic Council and the Arctic Economic Council
12.09.2019  -   First Arctic Council Working Group on Sustainable Development (SDWG) meeting in Iceland concluded
10.09.2019  -   Thematic Conference on Strengths, Well-Being and Engagement of Youth in the Arctic
20.06.2019  -   First meeting of Iceland's Arctic Council Chairmanship in Reykjanesbær
07.05.2019  -   Iceland assumes Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
15.02.2019  -   US Secretary of State visited Iceland
23.10.2018  -   Government’s participation in the sixth Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík

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