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Environmental Impact Assessment

Assessment of the impact of projects on the environment involves evaluating and providing information on the probable effects of specific undertakings on the environment. The environmental impact is analysed, the significance of the effects assessed and mitigating measures proposed. A decision on whether to grant a permit for construction must be based on the outcome of an EIA. If a decision is taken to authorise the project, the conclusions of the EIA shall be used for the final design of the project, in order to reduce as far as possible its negative impact on the environment.

The law stipulates what projects are always subject to EIA and what projects must be notified for a decision on EIA. In the latter instance the National Planning Agency decides in each case whether they shall be subject to EIA.

In addition, the environmental impact has to be assessed of certain planning and construction plans by public authorities, and any changes to them which are likely to result in a substantial impact on the environment. In this manner sustainable development objectives are always a major concern in public planning.

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